Hail Damage Roof Repair in North Dallas

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Hail Damage Roof Repair in North Dallas

Our Pearson Roofing contractors know from experience that a hail storm can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home or property. Hail can damage your roof system by fracturing shingles and putting cracks in the roof covering.

If you’re a resident of North Dallas, we are here to provide you with expertise for hail-damaged damaged roofs. Hail storms can and do create massive damage to the average home, and it is vital to consult our local roofers before taking any further steps.

We Make Hail Storm Roof Damage Repair Simple

Regardless of the extent or severity of hail damage, we’ll take the necessary steps to ensure your roof gets repaired. We’ll help you choose the roofing repair that best fits your needs.

Getting your roof repaired as early as possible is the best way to reduce the damage from leaks before they become costly and dangerous.

At Pearson Roofing, we don’t want you to worry about your home; we will take care of your roofing problems. We are here to guide you on your hail damage repair and the insurance claim process from start to finish.

We offer free inspections where our roofing specialists will assess your entire roof and recommend the ideal materials. We determine the extent of damage and which parts need repairing. We can help you decide whether or not you’re eligible to file insurance for hail damage roof repairs.

North Dallas Hail Storm Roof Repair Done Right

Regular Inspection
We can find any hail damage source and take action from there to ensure your property is safe and secure. Our roofing experts will carefully assess your roof structure for hail impact signs like granule loss and shingle dents. This kind of damage can cause the entire roof system to deteriorate. When the shingle becomes compromised, it can cause the roofing to deteriorate early and reduce the roof’s lifespan.

Clear Analysis
We provide you with everything you need to evaluate the roof repair or replacement we’re recommending. Pearson Roofing will map out the area needed to assess for your roof’s damage. When there are enough visible dents or holes on your roof, your homeowner’s insurance may cover the cost of the roof replacement.

Repair Details
We’ll provide you with a detailed review of how much money you can expect to spend before any repairs begin. We make sure that you get everything that’s covered in the insurance claim. Pearson Roofing will make sure everything is detailed and reviewed. We offer a scope list of all repairs that were performed during the insurance claim process. A complete listing of repairs will help you get a reasonable estimate of what needs to be repaired according to local building codes.

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