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When it comes to commercial roof repair in North Dallas, you can count on Pearson Roofing to deliver. We’ve helped thousands of businesses get the most from their commercial roofs by investing in name-brand materials, proven technologies, and quality craftsmanship. Our company has a lot of commercial roofing experience, so we can get the job done right with minimal disruption to your business. We have built our reputation for 40 years because of the trust we’ve earned from our customers. Our commitment to excellence is measured in the level of service we provide and the quality of craftsmanship we deliver.

Since 1979, Pearson Roofing has provided commercial roofing repairs to North Dallas businesses. The safest way to ensure your roof is leak-free is to hire our professional commercial roof repair contractors. Our roof specialists have all the skills and experience needed to handle any roofing problem, and we are committed to providing quality roof repair services. 

When you install or repair a commercial roof, you have to consider the weather patterns in the North Dallas area. Our specialists pay special attention to every detail. When commercial roofing issues arise, we know how to bring about the best possible solution. By repairing minor roof leaks as they appear, you can prevent significant damage to your building and its contents. If you are undecided whether you need roof repair or replacement, we’ll help you make an informed decision. We will provide free roof inspection and provide you with a free estimate for any needed repairs.

Commercial Roof Repair or Replacement?


Sometimes you only need a part of your roof to be repaired or replaced. Our roofers have the skills and experience that allow them to make accurate estimates without wasting your time or money. We can handle any kind of roofing situation. Most people only consider getting their commercial roof repaired when there’s a severe issue that will increase the chances of needing a roof replacement. Call us if you think there is any chance your commercial roof may be damaged.

Commercial Roof Maintenance to Prevent Repair


We like to remind our clients that roof maintenance can save them money in energy costs and insurance premiums in the long run. Roofing options available in the market vary widely in the level of quality and style. Our commercial roof repair team in North Dallas is committed to serving all your roofing needs. Our goal is to help you find the roofing materials that work best for your business.

Our team has installed every type of roofing system you can buy on the market. Because we have such a large selection of roofing styles, we can offer the best fit for almost any commercial building. We are confident in our ability to get your roof back into top condition. If you need help deciding on a roof for your business, call us to talk about commercial roofing systems. Our roof experts are knowledgeable and can guide you toward the right roof for your business. For high-quality commercial roofing and repair services in Dallas, Texas, contact the roof professionals at Pearson Roofing. 


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