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GAF Virtual Home Remodeler in Flower Mound, Lewisville & Dallas TX

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GAF Virtual Roofing Designer

Your roof is the most important and visible parts of the exterior of your home, so choosing the best color and most durable shingle is an important part in the roofing process. The average roof will last about 20 years causing homeowners to be stuck with that colored shingle for a long time. Making an informed decision on the color and type of shingle is important and you must consider the climate and area you live, when you pick the color of the shingle for your home. Roofing contractors can help you chose the color of your shingle and help you contrast it with the siding and other colors of your home. Pearson roofing has many different colored shingles and some of the most common colors are grey, black, and brown. Some homeowners like to include an assortment of different colored shingles to add a pattern or staggered effect to their roof.

You can also accentuate the architecture of your home with slate, metal and wood shingles. Most homeowners ask their roofing contractor about their roof repair and choosing shingles and Pearson Roofing can help but it is good to look at other houses with a similar roof and exterior color as yours. Find a color of shingle that is appealing to you and matches the exterior of your home. Some houses may look better with a combination of shingle colors while other houses may look better with a solid roof color.

Installing a temperature cool roofing shingle can make your home more energy efficient, especially in the Dallas area where the weather is very hot. A temperature cool shingle can considerably lower the temperature of your attic space, keeping your home cooler. When you live in a warm climate like Dallas or anywher in Texas you should ask your roofing contractor about this and it can save you lots of money on your electric bill and improve the lifespan of your roof repair or installation. If you are not installing a special cool shingle you should consider picking lighter color that will absorb less heat and bring the temperature of your home down. If you live in a colder environement you can use dark shingles to help keep your house warmer. They can also help melt snow and ice from your roof.

Before you pick your shingle colors you should also ask your roofing contractor to check and see if there are rules for the color of your shingles, if you live in a residential neighborhood in Dallas. You should be able to get this information from your local homeowners association or from your roofing contractor. Doing this ensures that your shingle color will not violate any neighborhood rules or regualtions. Weather or not you have neighborhood rules and regulations you should look at the other houses in your neighborhood and consider how your new roof will look next to your neighbors roof. Lots of neighborhoods will have similar colored roofs and those shingles often work well with the houses built in that neighborhood. Talk to a certified Roofing Contractor like Pearson Roofing about your roof repair and we can let you browse through a catalogue of different shingles after we inspect your roof, that way you can see how the shingles look in person. Using the GAF VIRTUAL ROOFING DESIGNER BELOW can also help you pick out the color of your shingles.

Reputable and trustworth roofing contractors will have a liscense or certification from your states department of labor and should be able to provide you with proof of insurance and a written proposal for your roof repair or replacement.